A few words about
James 1:27

What We Do

We Serve The Community

WE love the Lord and we decided to show our love by loving God’s people.  No better way to show our love by serving those who are experiencing difficult times.  Although we have not experienced all of the hurt and pain in life, we’ve experienced enough to know without a higher power we could never feel accepted or appreciated for what we have to offer to this world.  We know the POWER of Love and we plan to share it with everyone we come in contact with.  We realize and understand our mission here is to provide a service to all.  Understanding that we are fitly joined together to make all of our dreams and goals come to life.  We know with out a doubt “WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST”. PHILIPPIANS 4:13

God’s Women of Purpose (GWOP) is dedicated to education by educating the mind, body and spirit of each individual. GWOP take pride in helping develop the mind of all age groups, this is accomplished by providing school supplies for grades K-12, financial support for students who are involved in secondary education, as well as hosting spiritual conferences for all ages.

God’s Women of Purpose (GWOP) promotes the overall development and wellbeing of the family unit. GWOP meets once a month to maintain connections, pray for one another, and share life experiences. The meetings are designed to encourage, strengthen and support the matriarch of the family. Developing strong matriarchs ensures the growth and stability of the family’s  foundation.

God’s Women of Purpose (GWOP) provides services to the community by uplifting and giving hope to families who are faced with domestic violence. This is achieved by offering classes and giving donations. GWOP also assists the homeless with their basic needs such as hygiene kits, food, and clothing. Building the community plays a part in making our world a better place.