This is who we are
John 13:35

About Us

We are God's Women of Purpose

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization catering to those who are or have been abused. We all were put here for a specific purpose, our goal is to help others realize their value in this world.

We came together as women knowing we could make a difference.  We use God’s word as our guideline to help develop those who maybe struggling with who they are and their purpose in life.  We have been together over seven years and during this time we have learned so much about God and one another. Our ultimate goal is to become a shelter for abused women.  Knowing the pain in this world yet also KNOWING there is an answer to the pain keeps us focused and resilient.  Our ages differ from very young to seasoned women, we all come together to show our Love for the Lord and one another. WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE!

We Pray - We Serve - We Lead

We are God’s women coming together for a purpose.  WE love the Lord and we decided to show our love by loving God’s people.  No better way to show our love by serving those who are experiencing difficult times.  Although we have not experienced all of the hurt and pain in life, we’ve experienced enough to know without a higher power we could never feel accepted or appreciated for what we have to offer to this world.  We know the POWER of Love and we plan to share it with everyone we come in contact with.  We realize and understand our mission here is to provide a service to all.  Understanding that we are fitly joined together to make all of our dreams and goals come to life.  We know with out a doubt “WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST”.

Edith Brown, Founder/CEO

Serve The Community with Us

We are an active group of ladies and as you see, we dedicate ourselves to the ministry. We eat together, we study together, we do the Lupus Walk together, we laugh together, we do our Domestic Violence 5k Walk together and we Love one another. Colossians 3:14

Member & Community Reviews

To be in a group of women that not only pray for you, but with you, with no judgement...only scripture! I love these ladies!
Antoinette Bryant
New Jersey
I love God's Women of Purpose because the women are truly God Believers. Their experiences are life changing!
Ti La McCoy
God’s Women of Purpose is a group where I can feel free and be myself surrounded by amazing women who are always there to help me.
Alexia Henry